Nicole Berke

Nicole Berke

Frondescence (independent)


Record review by TC Krentz


We’re glad Nicole Berke didn’t wait to record a full length CD because her debut EP release is a fabulous enough sample to help us all fall in love with her straight away.

Kicking off the tiny but powerful collection is Come On which is a uniquely funky number that feels as charming & familiar as any favorite song you might have ever endeared. Track two is an intriguing waltzed-rhythm tune with deep lyrics and Joni Mitchell-esk vocals.

The blend of acoustic bass (well executed by Jesse Cafiero), drums and all things keyboard; from the piano to the Wurlitzer, provide a inimitable sound & style that becomes Nicole Berke. The fierce track 4 Fire evidences the talent of drummer Rory O’ Connor while offering another side of Nicole’s writing style.

Nicole’s soulfully strong vocal skills combined with her clever songwriting talent certainly makes her one Mass’ up & coming artists to watch out for.