Boston Girl Guide's Featured Poet

Prema Bangera

A native of Bombay, moved to Massachusetts in 1994. Currently, she works both as an Assistant Editor for Lake Effect in Erie, PA and as the Editor-in-Chief  for RS Review, Penn State Behrend Student at Journal of Arts. She is also pursuing the realms of theatre and visual art.



Hollow Morning Sounds
Her mind is buried
lips so heavy
Her speech is sticky,
tangled and unsteady
as he draws rings
on her inner thighs,
her inflamed eyes,
her forsaken palms,
remind him of the hours
he surpassed
She wakes up to the indents
of his back on her sheets
We all live in repetition
of ruptured goodbyes

Life in a Box
Yesterday morning,
I walked around the idea
with twisted eyebrows.
I must flee
for the unavoidable cleave
that existed.
Last night,
I was put in a box.
My head buried
between my knees.
The world went to sleep
and I thought of you.