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Doug Holder  
JULY 2017  

Poetry on the menu at historic Bull Run

Nashoba Publishing
Bull Run Poetry

By Anne O'Connor

SHIRLEY -- "We really strongly believe in building things."

Innkeeper Alison Tocci is eager to prove her words. The Bull Run will hold its first poetry event on July 15.

Her neighbor, a restoration carpenter and poet, Kristie Connolly came to her with a full-blown idea for "Words Change Everything."

"Right away, I liked it," Tocci said. "We're all about the arts here."

Poets will read and three judges will score the work. The totals will be kept secret, but whoever gets the most will win a $25 gift certificate to the restaurant and $10 cash.

Having judges score instead of holding a slam was a deliberate decision. "I wanted it to be very gentle," Connolly said.

Tocci sees a poetry night as an extension of the music and storytelling evenings the Bull Run hosts. They are a time when people can put away their cellphones and bond through a common experience.

"It's a time out to see an intimate glimpse of what's going through people's thoughts," she said.

Poet, publisher and educator Doug Holder, based in Boston, will read and be one of three judges.

Having the highly-regarded poet take part will help draw an audience from west of Boston and also from Worcester, another poetry hot spot, Tocci said.

The usual Bull Run clientele are local or come from closer to Boston, she said

Since she and her husband George bought the family business in 2009, they have renovated and made changes to the food and service. They run a music series with up-and-coming artists, legends like Lulu who sang in the spring and local performers.

Their goal was to keep the folks who have been customers since her parents owned the business and to grow. Lee and Mary Guercio bought the tavern and restaurant in the 1940s.

It is difficult to change perceptions, Tocci said. "You really have to work."

The plan is succeeding. The first couple to hold their wedding in one of the rooms, came back this year for a 50th anniversary celebration.

A tavern has been in the spot since 1740. The pre-Revolutionary tavern once served hungry and thirsty travelers on the road to Boston. A number of additions has expanded the Bull Run's footprint over the years.

Now 11 members of the extended Guercio family work at the venue. It is not just dining and drinking anymore, Functions, catering and entertainment in three different rooms and on the patio are on tap.

Each element of the business attracts different groups of people, Tocci said. Jazz shows draw well-dressed customers. Blues fans have a more bearded mien.

The innkeepers keep a close eye on what is working and are open for suggestions.

Through the online ticketing process, they had email addresses for people who attended a barbeque with a band on the patio. They will survey the attendees for feedback.

Its not just customers who help drive the future of the Bull Run. Employees are encouraged to contribute their thoughts in a suggestion box.

Some are not doable, but every once in a while someone suggests an amazing idea, Tocci said.

Tickets and information about "Words Change Everything" and other performances and events at the Bull Run are available at

Space is limited so advance sign-up is requested.

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Doug Holder was born in Manhattan, N.Y. on July 5, 1955. A small press activist, he founded the Ibbetson Street Press in the winter of 1998 in Somerville, Mass. He has published over 50 books of poetry of local and national poets and over 20 issues of the literary journal Ibbetson Street.

Holder is the arts/editor for The Somerville News, a co-founder of "The Somerville News Writers Festival," and is the curator of the "Newton Free Library Poetry Series" in Newton, Mass. His interviews with contemporary poets are archived at the Harvard and  the University of Buffalo libraries, as well as Poet's House in NYC. Holder's own articles and poetry have appeared in several anthologies including: Inside the Outside: An Anthology of Avant-Garde American Poets (Presa Press)Greatest Hits: twelve years of Compost Magazine (Zephyr Press) and America's Favorite Poems edited by Robert Pinsky.

His work has also appeared in such magazines as: Rattle, Reconfigurations: A Journal for Poetics and Poetry, Doubletake, Hazmat, The Boston Globe Magazine, Caesura, Sahara, Raintown Review, Poesy, Small Press Review, Artword Quarterly, Manifold (U.K.),  Microbe ( Belguim),The Café Review, the new renaissance, Quercus Review, Northeast Corridor, and many others. His two  recent poetry collections are: "Of All The Meals I Had Before..." ( Cervena Barva Press- 2007 ) and "No One Dies at the Au Bon Pain" ( sunyoutside-2007). 

His collection "THE MAN IN THE BOOTH IN THE MIDTOWN TUNNEL"  was released in  the summer of 2008  by the Cervena Barva Press. It was a pick of the month in the Small Press Review (July/August 2008) He holds an M.A. in Literature from Harvard University.

Parial listings of books, taped interviews, etc... by Doug Holder in Worldcat, an international online catalogue of library holdings:

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Doug Holder

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