Welcome to Jennifer Matthews Music Lessons. 

*I provide private music lessons in the south shore and greater Boston
area of Massachusetts. I travel to and teach in your home, or in my home
studio. I also offer Skype lessons and accept students world-wide.

I am college educated in Vocal Performance with an emphasis on
Diaphragm Breathing Technique. I am very versatile in what I have to
offer students because of my range of experience in different styles
of music, performance and creativity.  I take a lot of pride in working
with my students individually to set up the best learning program suited
to their specific needs and abilities.

With my voice students, I teach students of all ages and levels of
proficiency how to support and develop their singing voice. I focus
on teaching how to support the voice through Diaphragm Breathing
Technique with careful attention to pitch, vocal placement, control,
posture, intervals, harmony, ear training, range and development of
repertoire. I also offer guitar, songwriting lessons and development of
musical creativity.  I offer a dynamic learning experience that is centered
on a positive, creative environment that builds skill and confidence. 

With my guitar students, I teach scales, chords, basic music theory, rhythm,
finger picking and how to pull it all together into playing songs and building repertoire.

Another favorite aspect of teaching for me is to help my students awaken
and develop their creativity through exploring song, melody and lyric

I do accept students from age 5 and up. Between the ages of 5-6, I focus
more on creativity, having fun with music through singing, songwriting,
movement and creative musical fun time.

Often, if my students are focusing on songwriting, I offer recording their
voice and songs with my digital Tascam 8 track or even pro recording
studio time. Which leads to a release that students can share with family,
friends and the world!

Jennifer Matthews Music Lessons
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